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Company data verification

Why does need to verify Company data and legitimacy?

It is necessary because – due to security reasons and to protect our customers – we need to verify that our customers, when registering, gave us authentic particulars and they have the authority to use them when issuing invoices. This guarantees that no unauthorized billing can occur using other companies’ data.

This verification process can be very simple, using one of the following methods:

  1. During the registration process once you entered your tax ID and pressed the green REFRESH button, your company data will automatically be imported into the registration form from the public Bisnode company registry. The company’s tax ID and official e-mail address can not be modified. Next, the system sends an activation code to the official e-mail address. Once the code has been activated, the company’s status changes to VERIFIED.
  2. Another option for your Company is to electronically send 100 HUF: This way your bank verifies your Company. This is why it is essential for this payment to be initiated from the Company’s official bank account and not any personal account or via PayPal. If this is your choice, then select the „Company data and signing privilege verification by money transfer” option which you’ll find on the opening page under the green „ORDER” button. Once the transfer has gone through your Company’s status changes to VERIFIED.
  3. If you select any of the premium packages with a set monthly fee, which is regularly paid from the Company’s official bank account, then you become VERIFIED automatically after the first payment. Again, this is why it is important for this payment to be initiated from the Company’s official bank account and not any personal account or via PayPal.
  4. You can also verify your Company by sending the copies of your Company’s registration and the specimen of signature of the authorized officer to by e-mail. Or, if your are self-employed, send a copy of your tax registration form or Enterpreneur’s ID. After review of the official papers you sent your Company status changes to VERIFIED.

Our NON VERIFIED clients may not issue e-invoices with a free package. In addition, we withhold the right to extend the verification process to further company data and also to limit system usage.