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What VAT rates does billzone use? uses the following VAT rates based on the UN / EDIFACT standard:

27% (S) - Standard Rate
18% (AA2) - Lower Rate
5% (AA1) - Lower Rate

AB-AAH1 - Exempt from VAT in case of resale of used goods, works of art, collectors' items and antique items are subject to VAT Act. 221§. According to.
AB-AAH2 - Exempt from VAT in case of intermediary activity § 110.
AE-AAO / (FAD) - Reverse Charges: WARNING! The purchaser of the product, the recipient of the service is liable to pay the VAT. §142.
E-AAB1 / (IMP) - Tax-exempt supply of services related to the importation of goods is subject to VAT Act. 93.§. (2).
E-AAB2 - Exemption from VAT for certain activities related to the international movement of the product 111-118.§. According to.
E-AAC / (EU) - Exempt from tax sales of products between partners with a Community tax number within the Community (EU) are subject to VAT. 89-90.
E-AAF - Tax exempt on investment gold is VAT-exempt. § 236.
E-AAG1 / (AM) - Subject to VAT tax. 187-196.
E-AAG2 / (MAAK) - Property tax-free: exempt from VAT due to the public interest nature of the activity. 85 §.
E-AAG3 / (MAAS) - Property tax exempt: exempt from tax due to the specific nature of the activity, in accordance with §§ 86-87 of the VAT Act.
E-AAI - Exempt from Tax under Special Rules for Travel Services (VAT Act § 211)
E-AAM - Exemption from tax on the sale of new means of transport dispatched or transported inland within the scope of VAT tv. 89 § (2).
E-AAN - Exemption for intra-Community acquisitions of goods: triangular transaction under VAT Act. 91 (2).
G-AAA1 / (EXP) - Exempt from VAT in connection with the sale of a product outside the Community (EU) 98-102.
G-AAA2 / (EXPK) - Exemption of the supply of services directly linked to the export of goods under Article 102 (2) of the VAT Act.
G-AAA3 - Exempt from VAT in connection with international transport 103-106.
G-AAA4 - Exempt from VAT for transactions treated in the same way as the sale of the product outside the Community 107-109.
O - Services outside scope of tax
D - VAT margin scheme - works of art Margin scheme: Travel agencies.
F - VAT margin scheme - works of art Margin scheme: Used articles.
I - VAT margin scheme - works of art Margin scheme: Works of art
J - VAT margin scheme - works of art Margin scheme: Collections and antiques.

According to: UN/EDIFACT - 5305 Duty or tax or fee category code