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Send an invoice to the customer

There are several ways to send invoices from so that our customers can easily download them and store them for longer periods:

1. Download an invoice from the notification email

You then enter the customer's email address (or sometimes several email addresses separated by semicolons) in the system when creating the invoice, and after the invoice has been issued, we will send it by email your customer the following download interface:

Enter the email address field on the Invoice creation page

Invoice download link

Download invoice

After that, your customer can easily open the downloaded invoice on your device in PDF format.

2. Attach the invoice to the invoice notification letter

Recently, there has been an increased demand for a feature to facilitate the invoice download process we have just seen, by providing the option to automatically send a PDF version of the invoice as an attachment to the invoice notification letter. 
If you would like to use this option, please follow the steps below to make the necessary settings in the system:

A, Click on the Settings / Account Policy page, then press the Edit policy settings link:

B, Select the checkbox next to Attach invoice to emails sent, then Save at the bottom of the page:

C, Then, when the invoice is sent from, it will automatically appear as an attachment to the invoice notification letter:

IMPORTANT: You will still need to enter the customer's email address when creating the invoice, because only then will the invoice be sent to the customer!